Committing to Launch Six Products in 12 months

Committing to Launch Six Products in 12 months
Photo by Stanley Dai / Unsplash

Today, I am committing to launching six products within the next 12 months. There are several reasons for this ambitious goal. Firstly, product launches have been a challenge for me in the past (infinitely growing scope, fear of failure, perfectionism, you name it), and by setting a timeline, it will help me choose projects with appropriate scope that can be completed and launched on schedule. Each launch will make the next launch easier. I'll get faster at building, better at marketing and all the other necessary skillsets you need to build successful products.

My initial launch was not successful and caused significant anxiety; however, having gone through the experience has made me less apprehensive about future launches. I failed my launch, but I'm still here. To improve my skills further, I need to continue launching more products.

Working on multiple projects provides an opportunity to experiment with various marketing techniques, pricing strategies, tech stacks or other aspects of product development. Through these experiences, I can determine which tools work best for specific use cases, and I can learn what actually matters and what is irrelevant.

I am aware that some indie hackers have pursued similar goals of 12 projects in 12 months; however, balancing my full-time job makes it unfeasible for me to launch one project per month. Although every two months may still prove challenging at times, each project should become progressively easier as my expertise grows.

Rather than waiting around for ideal opportunities or ideas to present themselves at just the right time and place – increasing your chances of success often requires trying numerous things until something sticks. Conversely, I think multiple chances also gives you a intuitive understanding of what seems to work and what doesn't, reducing your reliance on luck over time to make successful products. Through this journey of multiple launches over the next year, I aim to learn valuable lessons about prioritization, marketing, and product development, while also honing my skills in project management and design.

I will also be building at least one info product during this time, whether that's a list of resources, a course, or something else. I've always been averse to info products, although I've been a customer of many. By building an info product I hope to challenge this knee-jerk reaction against info products (I think part of it comes from being a developer).

By committing myself to this goal, I look forward to learning loads along the way, getting out of my comfort zone, quickly expanding my knowledge actively by doing, and ending the year with at least one successful product under my belt.