Reflecting on 2020 and Plans for 2021

Jan 07, 2021

2020 has been a real roller-coaster of a year for all of us, and it's taught us a lot about ourselves–when you're sitting at home, you can't escape your thoughts. Sure, there were a lot of bad things, but let's focus and double down on the good.

The Good

2020 has forced almost everyone into remote work, and it's something that as a digital nomad, I've been a fervent supporter of, and the naysayers haven't been receptive to it at all-it feels like losing control to them, I guess.
But most jobs can be done remotely. Why do adults need to be treated like children in these office environments? There are plenty of companies like Basecamp, GitLab, etc. with completely distributed teams, making amazing products and doing good work.
People waste hours a day in their commutes, lose control over their time, there's lots to not like. I'm glad that remote work will start taking off now that people have been forced into the experience

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