MVP for $1789

MVP for $1789

A launchable MVP for just under two grand.

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Do you have a startup idea that you want to test out? If you're not a developer yourself, it can be hard to find the right people to implement your idea for you. You can try attending local meetups and pitching your idea to developers. You can try online freelancing sites like Freelancer or UpWork.

You might end up hiring a front-end developer, a back-end developer, and a systems administrator.

Let's try something easier. For exactly $1789, I will build a launchable prototype of your product for you.

I will take your idea, discuss the scope with you and help you come up with the minimum viable version of it.

After that is done, I will develop a web application for you from scratch, front-end and back-end. I will also set up a server for you so that you can launch your product and hit the ground running.

This will effectively be your version 1. You will be able to attract beta users using it, show it to investors, or generally do anything else you like with it.

I will take 30 days to build your prototype for you. I will use Ruby on Rails, the technology that GitHub, Twitter, Airbnb, and millions of other startups are built on. While there might be other fancier technologies out there, Ruby on Rails has been thoroughly battle-tested and allows for rapid development, exactly what a startup needs!

Convinced? Have more questions? Reach out to me [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is covered in the $1789 quote?

In $1789, I will create the front-end and back-end of your app, and I will do your initial server setup for you. The scope of work for $1789 will be agreed upon before starting, and anything post that will be extra work. Wireframes and designs will need to be provided by you.

  • What is the payment structure?

Before I begin the work, I will require a 25% ($447.25) upfront payment.
We will agree upon a 50% milestone. Once I reach the milestone, I'll demo it to you, you'll pay me another 25%, and I'll give you all the code so far. Then I'll build the remaining 50%, after which you'll pay me the remaining 50% ($894.5).

  • Why is the price so low?

Check out something called Parity Purchasing Power. Being based out of India, a dollar can buy me a lot more than it would buy someone in another country. Also, I want to see a world with more entrepreneurs, and this is my small contribution to give more people the chance to try it out. You never know where the next Apple will come from!

Also, I'm just getting started out in freelancing, so having lower prices initially will help me build up a portfolio quicker.

  • What if the one month timeline gets missed?

Typically if this happens, I will not take the remaining 50% payment from you.

  • This sounds familiar. Has this been inspired by anything?

Yes, this is inspired by and