GitHub Language Popularity Statistics

Nov 04, 2014

I’ve been wanting to get an idea of the division between languages on
GitHub for a while now. While there are some articles available on the
matter, none of them were really clear. So I’ve decided to do some
research of my own.


Currently, there are 68 repositories on GitHub with more than 10000

JavaScript is the language that has the highest number of repositories
with greater than 10,000 stars on GitHub.

Having a look at the top 10 most starred repositories on GitHub(that
have a language associated with them).

Again, JavaScript comes out at the top with a clear majority.

There are currently 2209178 repositories on GitHub with 1 or more stars.

Once again, we have JavaScript coming out at the top with a 23.2% share
of starred repositories on GitHub.


There are 10 repositories on GitHub with more than 8000 forks. Out of
these, only 8 have a language associated with them.

This time, it looks like CSS is the language with the highest number of
repositories with more than 8000 forks on GitHub.

There are currently 944872 repositories with 1 or more forks on GitHub.

This time again, we have JavaScript on the top.


According to GitHub, there are 16.9M repositories on GitHub at the

The chart below shows the top 10 languages.

Together, the top 10 languages account for 4541698 repositories, or
about 21.2% of the supposed total of 16.9M repositories.


Going by what GitHub says, there are about 42.2M issues on GitHub,
however, I’m only able to account for 12.4M of those.



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